Growing up in the region and in a family of restauranteurs, food was a huge part of our lives. Our lives revolved around food and the best ingredients available. Most memories growing up will be in some way associated with food.

Our aim is to share with you, a centuries old and trusted cuisine shared between various countries in the east med. Most such countries have similarity in their cuisine with dishes varying only slightly. Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Syria share one thing that is very similar. Grilling ingredients on skewers, where the Turkish like to call meat skewers “shish” and the Greeks “smila”. We bring this experience and history to you with our Fookou™

Fookou™ Eastern Mediterranean Streetfood is a concept that was born from two simple things: 1. Our love of cooking – and 2. Watching people love our gastronomic creations.