What we do

We specialize in a eastern Mediterranean cuisine cooked over charcoal at your premises.

From small family functions to large corporate functions, perfect for cocktail parties!

Every event or occasion is different, so we have not designed any fixed menus. The menu is customized after a brief discussion with our team.


Some of our options:

The Mains

  1. Lamb on the spit
  2. Souvla (Lamb, Chicken, Pork)
  3. Souvlakia (Pork, Chicken, Lamb)
  4. Lamb Kofta
  5. Lamb Chops
  6. Swordfish souvlakia
  7. Salmon souvlakia
  8. Prawns
  9. Steak BBQ
  10. Chicken Wings



  1. Red Pepper Hummus
  2. Traditional Hummus
  3. Tachini
  4. Tzatziki with garlic or without
  5. Taramosalata
  6. Aubergine dip – melintzanosalata



  1. Greek Salad
  2. Spinach and arugula Salad
  3. Coleslaw



  1. Baby potatoes
  2. Grilled Vegetables
  3. Green Olives
  4. Marinated chilliew